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Evidence Based Birth

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Do you want to print off and share as many Evidence Based Birth® articles as possible? Then order this zip file that is loaded with printer-friendly PDFs on TWELVE important topics!

This product is a digital product only, and you will receive your files immediately. If you'd like to purchase a lanyard and flash drive loaded with the same PDFs (at no additional charge, other than shipping), click here instead. 

When you receive your file, you will see 12 different folders. Each of the folders contains anywhere from 1 to 5 PDFs for you to use. All of the items listed below will be included in your purchase.

Click on each item to learn further details about what you will receive in each folder on your flash drive.

The Evidence on:

  1. Advanced Maternal Age ($20 value)
  2. Induction or C-section for a Suspected Big Baby ($20 value)
  3. Doulas ($20 value)
  4. Skin to Skin after a Cesarean and Keeping Mothers and Babies together after a Cesarean ($20 value)
  5. Vitamin K for Newborns ($20 value)
  6. Eye Ointment for Newborns ($20 value)
  7. Failure to Progress: A Leading Cause of Unplanned Cesareans ($20 value)
  8. Group B Strep: Evidence for Antibiotics and Alternatives ($20 value)
  9. Premature Rupture of Membranes at Term ($20 value)
  10. Waterbirth ($20 value)
  11. External Cephalic Version for Breech Babies ($20 value)
  12. Due Dates ($20 value)

You have permission to print and share the handouts with individual clients or in one-on-one meetings with colleagues; however, the handouts are not available for commercial distribution or sale without written permission of Evidence Based Birth®. You may not post the handouts online. 

Ideas for how to use the printer-friendly PDFs:

  • Give them away at maternity fairs!
  • Use an article to guide discussion at prenatal visits
  • Put copies in the waiting room for your clients
  • Include them in a client folder
  • Read them together with your partner
  • Bring an article to a staff meeting and have an open discussion about the article (kind of like a book club!)
  • Post an article on the bulletin board for other nurses, physicians, or midwives in your L & D unit to read

    After you checkout, you will see a download link so that you can instantly download your PDFs. For your convenience, the download link will also be sent to your email address (look for an email from SendOwl). You will be automatically emailed an updated file whenever we update any of the articles! 

    Thank you for your support of Evidence Based Birth®!

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    Finally, did you know that all of these Evidence Based Birth® PDFs are included in our monthly or annual membership? Professional Members get access to a private community as well as all our continuing education courses and printer-friendly PDFs. To learn more, click here

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