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Do you want to print off and share the Evidence Based Birth Due Dates article with others? Then download this sleek, printer-ready PDF version of the entire blog article-- including all links and references!

With this purchase, you will receive a zip file containing multiple PDFs and graphics!!

  1. A 35-page printer-friendly PDF of the entire Due Dates article that you can print and share with clients, friends, health care providers, or anyone you like!
  2. A graphic depicting the "6 in 10,000" risk of stillbirth at 41 weeks and "10 in 10,000" risk of stillbirth at 42 weeks
  3. Three Facebook profile pics that can be used when a woman gets closer to her "due month!"
  4. Three awesome tables that are chock full of all the details about the research studies included in the Due Dates article. One table covers the meta-analyses, one table reviews all of the randomized trials, and one table has details about all of the research studies on the risk of stillbirth and gestational age.

You have permission to print and share all of these handouts; however, the handouts are not available for commercial distribution or sale without written permission of Evidence Based Birth. 

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Ideas for how to use the printer-friendly PDFs:

  • Bring it to your prenatal visit
  • Put copies in the waiting room for your clients
  • Include them in a client folder
  • Read it together with your partner
  • Bring it to a group meeting and have an open discussion about the article (kind of like a book club!)

After you checkout, you will see a download link so that you can instantly download your handouts. For your convenience, the download link will also be sent to your email address.

Thank you for your support of Evidence Based Birth!

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