The Evidence on: Waterbirth ( printer-friendly PDF )

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The Evidence on: Waterbirth ( printer-friendly PDF )

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With this purchase you will receive a printer-friendly PDF version of the full length Evidence Based Birth® Signature Article:  

The Evidence on: Waterbirth

+ an extra FAQ document about waterbirth
+ a one-page handout



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Ideas for how to use the printer-friendly PDFs:


  • Give them away at maternity fairs
  • Put copies in the waiting room for your clients
  • Include them in a client folder
  • Bring an article to a staff meeting and have an open discussion about the article 
  • Post an article on the bulletin board for other nurses, physicians, or midwives in your L & D unit to read


  • Bring it to your prenatal visit
  • Read it together with your partner

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