Babies are not Pizzas V-neck T-shirt


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Your 52% cotton, 48% polyester ladies V-neck tee says, "Babies are not Pizzas! They're born, not delivered!"

This tee is made by Bella and is just about the softest t-shirt you will ever wear. It's perfect for wearing to births or to the farmer's market where lots of people will see it! The Pizza tee is available in dark heather grey and sizes S to 2XL. IMPORTANT: This Bella t-shirt runs really small, so if in doubt, order at least one size up. Check out our sizing chart here

Tip: If you normally wear a size 2XL and are wondering if the V-neck will fit you, you can check out the photo we've displayed that shows a 2XL V-neck lying on top of the 2XL unisex crew neck. You can see that the V-neck is a couple inches narrower than the unisex crew neck on both sides. If according to the size chart, the 2XL is too small for you, the size L crew neck is actually bigger than the 2XL V-neck by an inch on each side. 

All of our tees are printed by hand at PushPush Press in Lexington, Kentucky—the hometown of Evidence Based Birth.

There is a small Evidence Based Birth logo printed at the nape of the neck on the back of each Pizza tee, so that when you're talking with people about your awesome shirt all you have to do is turn around and show them the name of the awesome website that shares evidence-based info about birth! :)

 Why did we create the Babies are not Pizzas T-shirt?

Did you know that in the early 2000's, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists distributed a bumper sticker at their conference that read, “Home deliveries are for pizzas, not babies”??

Well, I have a news flash for you! BABIES ARE NOT PIZZAS. They’re born, not delivered!

Babies are born in all sorts of ways—vaginally, at home, in the hospital, in a birthing center, by Cesarean, with the use of a vacuum, without any interventions, with medications, without medications, with doctors, with midwives, with nurses, with doulas, with birth partners, in the water, on dry land, and even on the side of the road. What do all of these things have in common? Mothers, giving birth. And babies, being born. :)

So the next time someone asks you, “Who delivered your baby?” you can try to explain the history of patriarchal language in childbirth. 

Or you can just wear your Babies are not Pizza t-shirt and let it do the talking for you!!

Either way, our Babies are not Pizzas t-shirts and onesies can be the start of really fun conversation with friends and strangers alike about the need to change our language around maternity care!

Once you've put the V-neck or crew neck t-shirt (and maybe the matching onesie, too!) in your cart, check out the rest of our official Evidence Based Birth gear!

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