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What is water-based ink?

At Evidence Based Birth, all of our tees are hand-printed at PushPush Press in Lexington, Kentucky, using water-based inks. Water-based ink means that the image is dyed into the tee shirt, resulting in a soft print after the first washing.

Most commercial printers use plasticol, which is sort of like transferring a plastic image on top of the shirt. The resulting print is plastic-y to the touch, and will eventually crack after being put through the clothes dryer several times. Water-based ink doesn't crack like that.

Even though it is somewhat of a specialty, there are small water-based screen shops scattered all around the nation, and we were encouraged by some of our readers to look into the water-based printing. We noticed a huge difference in quality right away, and instantly knew that all of our t-shirts would have to be printed that way.

Waterbirth tee shirts should be printed with water-based ink, don't you think?